TG: later lsoers
TG: losers*
GG: be nice roxy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GG: bye everyone
GG: thank you for keeping us company :D

TG: anythnag by kesha tbh
TG: anythang*
TG: but my fave is we r who we r
GG: i like bubbly music that i can dance to!!!!!!!!!
GG: teehee :)

TG: weeellllllll
TG: someteims jade doesnt claen up her lab area
TG: sometimes*
TG: clean*
TG: and i trip over thngis
TG: things*
GG: roxy!!!!!!!!!!
GG: my lab area is my area :(
GG: and i dont mind you tripping
GG: i just worry about your drinking sometimes………..

ooc: in the context of our blog, the ships we’ve implied are dirkroxy, johnroxy, jadekat, and jaderoxy! our personal ships can be found on our personal blogs here (Jade) and here (Roxy).

GG: i only drink strawberry soda, sorry!!!!!!!!
GG: roxy always wants all the cranberry juice for her vodka
GG: so i stopped drinking it as a favor for her :)

TG: game of thrnoes
TG: thrones*
TG: fantsay is the bomb diggidity domb
TG: fantasy*
GG: definitely orphan black!!!!!!!
GG: theres so much cool science :D
GG: and i love how the actress puts on a pair of glasses or a wig or an accent
GG: and suddenly she can act like a completely different person

TG: hey jadey r u as excited as me
GG: of course!!!!!!!!!!
GG: should we tell them?
TG: duh
GG: we are going to be at anime midwest next weekend!!!!!!!!!!
TG: so come gvie us luv if ur there
TG: give*
GG: we will be there on friday so keep an eye out for us :D
TG: word

GG: it would have been nice to have more company
GG: but i wouldnt have wanted to take my friends away from their homes!!!!!!!!
GG: i wish my grandpa had been with me for longer……..

TG: defnitniely both
TG: definitely*
GG: either!!!!!!!!!!!
GG: i dont mind :)

TG: “im reading roxy i cnat be bothered”
TG: cant*
GG: “im jane and i make magic cupcakes”
GG: (her cupcakes are delicious!!!!!!!)