GG: we have to go now
TG: but we will tyr to be back sono
TG: try*
TG: oson*
TG: fuck
GG: bye guys!!!!!!!

TG: i wnana partayyyy with ke$ha
TG: wanna*
GG: i want to explore the pyramids of egypt!!!!!!
GG: as long as i dont get cursed :(
TG: nad youd be rghit bout the alchool
TG: and*
TG: right*
TG: alcohol*
GG: but i dont know what you mean by my “little crush” :O
GG: *blushes*

manlesbian replied to your post: GG: all the desserts!!!!! :DTG: jzaz …

I WANT IN, I WANT IN. Good giddy god, ladies! *Winks repeatedly with double pistols included in the vain hope that I might pilfer a cookie*

TG: srroyy buddy ur gonna have 2 come n get me
TG: sorry
TG: me*
TG: well i mnea im here too hehe
TG: mean*
GG: im sorry!!!! :(

GG: you!!!!!! ;D
TG: wonk wonk

TG: hatee hatee htaee ho
TG: ahtee*
TG: fcuk it
TG: thats not even a real wrod
TG: word*
GG: disco finger!!!!!!!!

GG: all the desserts!!!!! :D
TG: jzaz hands
TG: jazz*

TG: heeey gyus
TG: guys*
GG: we are back!!!!!!!
TG: get tohse qusteions in while ya can
TG: those*
TG: questions*
GG: (wow i look silly hehe!!!!!)
GG: (i’m just really excited :D)

GG: sorry we havent been on in so long :(
GG: we will be on later tonight!!!!!!
TG: so sned us quesitons babes ;)
TG: send*
TG: questions*

GG: we are going on omegle!!!!!!
TG: cmoe find us ;)
TG: come*

we’ll be on omegle using #omeglestuck #askjaderoxy #jaderoxy

come find us!!!

GG: impromptu dance party!!!!!!
TG: yeah son

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